V Parvathi

The young and carefree life of Parvathi came to an abrupt end when her father passed away at a young age. This loss was a huge blow to her family as he was the sole breadwinner. Being the second eldest of the family she had to pitch in to help her mother to support the family financially, especially with the educational expenses of her six younger siblings. Parvathi steeled herself to face up to her responsibilities and the tough life ahead. She grew up fast in the process.

Seeing her shoulder responsibilities well both before and after her marriage, Mrs. Parvathi was looked at as the unofficial head of the kampong or village where she lived. With the support of her mother in law and family she started on her journey in community work, a characteristic she showed from a young age. At that time, she used to gather the children of the kampong and bring them to Christmas parties. These parties brought much joy to the children to whom such luxuries were hard to come by.


“I did house work in bungalow houses nearby like cleaning, washing and ironing. I wanted to support my siblings in their studies.”


During her later years, Mrs. Parvathi became a volunteer at the Buona Vista Indian Activities Executive Committee (IAEC). There she helped organise Deepavali shows with her friends and daughter. She enjoyed working on these shows very much. At these Deepavali shows, 5 tables would always be set-aside for the needy and elderly who come for these shows to enjoy the food and entertainment. Mrs Parvathi remembers how these residents would always leave with a big smile, looking forward to the next one. Seeing her work having a big impact on such people reinforced Mrs Parvathi’s conviction in community work.

She later joined as a volunteer at the IAEC in Ghim Moh as they had more needs. Organising events for the community aside, Mrs. Parvathi was also an auditor for the IAEC and a treasurer at the senior citizen's group. She also used to organise educational tours for the children at the CC. Mrs. Parvathi felt the strong need to help the needy students around her community and started the initiative of coordinating SINDA classes at the CC. This program ran every Saturday for the last 10 years. This was one activity, which Mrs Parvathi always looked forward to and performed with much passion and enthusiasm.

“Whenever they see me outside, both the parents and the children would address me as teacher and ask when I would be starting the class for them.”

The joy of working with children keeps Mrs Parvathi engaged in activities centered on them. But she also has a soft spot for the elderly and the needy.

Mrs. Parvathi used to volunteer at an old folk's home at Chua Chu Kang with other IAEC members by contributing food items and cash to meet the needs of the residents. She also conducted house visits through SINDA to meet the less fortunate and provide them with essential items.

Mrs Parvathi is one who simply gets herself involved in serving the community as it seems the right thing to do. In fact, this feeling has become ‘infectious’ as her family members have also joined her in community work.

Her husband is also a member of the IAEC while her daughter actively helps out in the programs organised at the CC such as deepavali shows and in the teaching programs for the children. Mrs Parvathi says her family enjoys volunteering as it gives them a sense of satisfaction and allows for family bonding time as well.

"They express their gratitude and always mention that it was due to my help and support that the children were able to study well and obtain bursary.”

Mrs. Parvathi wants everyone to join hands with her in celebrating Singapore's 50th birthday. She wishes for Indians in Singapore to live harmoniously and support each other in times of need so that Singapore will reach greater heights and the country will be the best it can be.

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