Kausalya Ramachandran PBM

Her smile is infectious. She still radiates with vigor like a regular 20 year old. Mrs Rama is 74 years old but she seems to be growing younger every year.

The zeal to reach out to be part of the larger community has been the driving force behind Mrs Rama. As the longstanding Chairman of Bukit Panjang Community Centre’s Indian Association (IA) since 1985, she is constantly taking up new challenges in organizing events at the grassroots level to harmonize people from various backgrounds. She is always thinking of ways to bring about awareness of the Indian culture and its practices through the activities at the Bukit Panjang CC.

She leads a 15 member all-female council at the IA and strives hard to be a good role model to local Indian women. She is convinced that women are capable of ‘running’ the world. Just 2 years ago, Mrs Rama completed 120km of brisk walking with sheer willpower. She believes that women should not get bogged down with their responsibilities and daily chores. “They should step out to take a break and keep active and healthy”, she says emphatically.

As amusing as it may seem, she likes to break the Singapore Book of Records and she has already done it 4 times! Next year, she is attempting to break another record by making the largest artificial flower for Singapore’s Jubilee birthday.


“For the last 20years, my center has been an all - female committee team.”

In 2001, Mrs Rama was awarded the highly prestigious Public Service Medal (PBM) from the Prime Minister’s Office. Again in 2009, her commendable service attained recognition and she received the ComCare Award from the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Amongst all the services, cooking for the needy and underprivileged members of the community gives her the greatest sense of satisfaction. Mrs Rama shows her love for her family and the community by filling their most basic need – food, not any ordinary food but mouthwatering delicious food. She believes her home-cooked food can help to revive the lost happiness and warm the hearts of those seeking shelter in the homes that she has been regularly visiting for the past 30 years. The residents at Villa Francis, Singapore Action Group of Elders (SAGE), Moral Home for Disabled Children and SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home always look forward to the tantalising home-cooked treats that Mrs Rama’s visit always brings.


“Whenever I prepare chicken curry, they will pour it into a bowl and drink it just like that.”

Almost daily,  Mrs Rama reaches out to the young and old in many ways that matter. She literally spreads herself thin with the wide range and breadth of voluntary work that she does.

She has been a long-term volunteer with the Indian temples by helping them out at many important  religious occasions throughout the year. She is always looking for ways to make the devotees experience a pleasant one. There are very few like her who are ready to reach out without seeking any returns.

"I am doing this for my own satisfaction not for accolades or recognition.”

Mrs Rama came to Singapore after her marriage in 1966 – a marriage that was arranged by her family. She has been here since 1966 and not left.

Growing up with a large family with a single parent was certainly not easy on Mrs Rama and her siblings who took to looking after each other while their mother worked hard day and night. Despite the challenges, Mrs Rama’s mother tried to school almost all her 18 children. Yes, although Mrs Rama’s mother had 13 children of her own, she still chose to foster another 5.

Mrs Rama is a chip right off the old block- she is just as boisterous as her mother who used to be called ‘Radio Maami’ in the community where they lived. Mrs Rama attributes her giving nature, generosity, kindness and nurturing qualities to her mother’s upbringing.


"On top of that my mother raised another 5 children – total of 18 children.”

Mrs Rama has steadfastly served the community  for more than  30 years and she believes that it is now time for the youth to step up and take her place. She wants the youngsters to come forward to contribute to the society. She is also actively looking for a successor to take over her position in the Indian Activities Committee. But even if this happens, Mrs Rama will not be ‘retiring’ from community service. She has lofty dreams like getting the Indian community to participate in more brisk walking events and  has  set a target of getting 500 Indians to do a mass brisk walking event soon.

50Faces admires the indomitable spirit of Mrs Rama and thanks her for her tireless community work.


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