B Rengarajoo

“How one handles success or failure is determined by their early childhood’ – Harold Ramis.

Mr Rajoo might not have had the best of childhoods but it sure did build the resilience and mettle in him that enabled him to excel in life even at a much later stage.

Mr Rajoo attended primary school at the age of eight as a happy go lucky child at Pearl’s Hill School and after completing his PSLE, moved on to Beatty Secondary School. Known for its notoriety and student gangsterism during his time, Beatty Secondary School did not provide a conducive environment for him either. Mr Rajoo ended up spending a large part of his life avoiding fights and did not do well in his senior Cambridge examinations. The turning point in his life came when his father suddenly passed away. This sudden turn of events placed Mr Rajoo in a position of responsibility; to take care of his mother and sister. The change in circumstances forced the once unconcerned teenager to join the Police force as a constable.


“I am quite honored and still very proud to say that I was one of those who guarded our late former prime minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's house.”

Mr Rajoo’s newfound heightened sense of responsibility to take care of his family further propelled him to upgrade himself in his career. After joining the police force as a constable, he continued his studies by working different shifts and attending evening classes. His hard work and determination paid off and he was soon promoted to an Inspector. However, Mr Rajoo did not stop just right there, he continued his life-long zest for knowledge even after his promotions and subsequently obtained his law degree from the University of London. Many years later in 1999, despite being the oldest student in his class, he completed his masters in law at National University of Singapore.

Mr Rajoo considers Education as a journey and he is determined to never stop seeking knowledge till his last breath. His educational qualifications and his passion for the law sector enabled him to transit from the police force to the legal profession as a lawyer.

“In any job, to progress further, one had to have a passion.”

As a lawyer, Mr Rajoo’s approach to his work was guided by his conscience as he set out to help as many people as possible. When he was in the committee of the Law Society, he heeded the request of the MP who was heading the Consumer of Association of Singapore (CASE) to become a volunteer in the Association. Mr Rajoo’s stint in providing pro-bono mediation services started then and it expanded over the years to community mediations and state courts. Seeing the smile on his clients’ faces as a result of the services he provided, gave Mr Rajoo a great amount of satisfaction and the boost to further expand his involvement in social services.

“I help the rich people by collecting a fee and also less fortunate people by giving free service.”

Mr Rajoo was soon providing his specialized legal services to various factions of the society. He started a legal clinic providing free legal services at Radin Mas Community Center and also at the Sri Ruthra Kaliamman Temple at Depot Road. He served at the Radin Mass Community Center for 20 years and helmed the committee as its Vice-chairman for many years before stepping down to allow the younger generation to take over. Currently, he continues giving his support as a member of the Sri Ruthra Kaliamman management committee. He is busily involved in the preparations for the upcoming kumbabishegam (consecration) ceremony in the month of September 2015.

Mr Rajoo’s commitments do not stop here. He is also on the panel for the Supreme Court for the legal aid Scheme for capital cases where he serves as the lead council, defending the accused. He also part of the panel of the Legal Aid Bureau.

“You have to always keep two things sharp. First is your body through exercise and the second is your mind.”

Mr Rajoo has lived an exemplary life and has successfully shown that a slow start does not equate to finishing last. He had overcome many hurdles in his life by strongly clinging on to the rightful notion that education and knowledge leads to empowerment. He had stayed true to his humble roots and has actively contributed to elevating the suffering of the less fortunate in the society. 50 FACES would like to wish Mr Rajoo continued success in his career and community work.

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